About Us

Welcome friends, daydreamers, witches, vampires, Victorian ghosts, and Dramione stans. If you are here I love you very much, and yes I do mean that in a creepy way.

The Creator

My name is Alicia, and I'm the creator of The Sunday Post. I'm a Scorpio, Gryffindor, rain enthusiast, board game lover, thrift shopper, DIYer, and nacho connoisseur. I live with my husband and our two good good dogs in Austin, TX, where all of your orders are packaged and shipped off with my own six hands (two regulars, and four sprouting from my back like an alien)

The Backstory

I've always had an obsessive-style relationship when it comes to really good fiction books. And when a good book ends, it's hard to go back to a normal world after living in one so fantastical for a snippet of time.

I was inspired to create this shop after I finished a really great series in 2021 (for inquiring minds, it was ACOTAR). Living in that world felt amazing, and I wasn't ready to give it up. In the midst of my usual post-book sads, I found myself drawn to clothing pieces that made me feel like I was a character in that book. It transformed mundane activities like buying groceries or running errands into adventures, because in my mind I was back in that magical universe again.

I have put all of my heart and soul into creating this store, and I hope it shows. I hope, too, that it attracts like-minded folks whose greatest wish is to live between the pages of a book. I'm so glad you are here, and hope we can all keep romanticizing our lives together, one whimsical outfit at a time.